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May 31- Join us, together we can defeat depression!

 Proceeds of this event support Fear Nothing 

When: May 31, 2020

Start time: 10:30 am
Registration: 9:00 am
Zwicks Park – Lion’s Pavillion, Belleville

Help us raise funds to support mental health and de-stigmatize mental illness.

Join us for the Defeat Depression Event and help raise funds for local mental health services! Whether you’re looking for a corporate team building experience, a group outing or just an opportunity to get outside and have fun, this event is for you.

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“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

– Aldous Huxley

The lady behind Fear Nothing soap

Joanne Rochon- Wylde Earth Soap

It most likely started 35 years ago when I began to think about nutrition and when I became aware of what we as humans were doing to destroy the earth with pollutants. It’s when I gave up eating meat and became a vegetarian. I made a choice not to wear leather and only wear cotton.

My first love was making pottery. Digging through clay brought me closer to the earth and I studied pottery at Sheridan College in Mississauga, ON. When I moved to New Brunswick I brought all my wheels and kiln and set up a modest pottery studio in the country. A failed marriage meant a move to a small apartment. I had to sell all my equipment as I had nowhere to store it or to work. I couldn’t afford to rent a studio.

At that time I met my husband. He convinced me to buy a large house in a small village. It was really out of my means but he promised to help pay for the mortgage and all the bills that went with running a large house. One thing I didn’t know about was that he was bipolar. I would come home from work to find him sitting in the same spot I had left him in the morning with not even the dishes taken to the sink.

It wasn’t a year after we moved in when he was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS. I had been working part time at a natural health food store and had to give that up to care for him. The bills were growing. At the same time he was diagnosed, my sister was dying of cancer.

She had adopted a baby boy and left his care to me. So I was trying to keep things afloat, caring for my sister, her adopted boy and my husband. I tried working from home with a sewing business. I made custom clothing for people online. The business did well until I could not keep up with orders. More and more of my time was taken as a care giver. When my sister passed away I was drowning in depression. My husband needed full time care and we had very little money coming in. I had to make the most heart wrenching decision of my life to put him in a nursing home. He needed so much care that the Red Cross could not even send a homecare worker for me. I couldn’t care for him alone. He went fighting tooth and nail.

A few months later I was told the propane company would not deliver any more propane until I could pay the bill in total. Michael, my sister’s adopted son and I lived in one room of the house for warmth and I cooked on a propane camp stove for months. I made a decision to abandon the house and apply for bankruptcy. We moved to the next town where the nursing home was so I could visit my husband regularly. It was a stressful year with the rent being more than I had coming in.

Truthfully I believe stress can affect our bodies and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now you may be wondering how this brings me to soap. I had a good friend who took me under his wing and cared for me during my recovery. We started to fix up an old house that my husband had bought thinking to renovate and re-sell. It was completely gutted when he went into the nursing home. Michael and I moved in while it was still and is still under renovations, but we call it home.

A bit about Michael. At an early age he was diagnosed with ADHD. I knew there was something more and after years of taking him for testing and EEG’s he was finally diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Michael is not the sort of child you can leave alone for any length of time, nor does he do well going to sitters. Again I was left with trying to figure out a home business that I could handle. I had for some years wanted to make soap and had several books on the subject but like many people I was afraid of using Lye.

The summer we moved into our old house in the Village, I decided to open a Farmer’s Market. I knew I wanted to do something. With the internet having so much information on “how to” I delved into my first cold process soap. I was hooked. There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing lather from your own creation. It almost brings me back full circle of making something with my own hands as a time honoured tradition. I love using clays and minerals dug from the earth to use in the soaps as much as I loved doing pottery.

I have known Cynthia for years and her work in the field of mental health.When she asked if I would be interested in partnering with Fear Nothing, it was a no brainer. “From my hands to yours, enjoy your soap!”

So why “The Frog?”

As a Celtic symbol meaning: the Frog was deemed lord over all the earth, and the Celts believed it represented curative or healing powers because of its connection with water and cleansing rains.

When a frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition. We see animal symbolism of transition with the frog in its unique growth cycle.

The frog understands what it like to undergo some serious growing pains.

Summary of Symbolic Meaning of the Frog:























Thank You

Sandra Valks who kindly donated 13 frog pins which raised $130 for Fear Nothing. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Ashley Morrrison who has donated in excess of $200 from the sale of her hats. Your generous support of Fear Nothing is sincerely appreciated.

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Computer recycling program will help mental health group http://www.fearnothingontario.ca/computer-recycling-program-will-help-mental-health-group/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=computer-recycling-program-will-help-mental-health-group Mon, 29 Aug 2016 14:29:36 +0000 http://fearnothing.getfoundnow.ca/?p=302 The post Computer recycling program will help mental health group appeared first on Fear Nothing.


Jim Sanders has started a program through his business Plug-N-Play Land to support Fear Nothing! For every recycled computer that is turned in, Jim will donate $25 towards our mission.

The recycling program is a win-win for community: keeping electronic components out of landfills while funnelling money to a group helping people in need.

This article was written by Bill Glisky and published to InQuinte.ca on Aug. 29, 2016.

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Welcome to the First Edition of the Fear Nothing Newsletter

Getting to Know Us

Did you know . . .

All our board members have struggled with mental health issues so we “get it!” and that is why Fear Nothing is important to us and helping those who struggle with mental health issues.

Fear Nothing Association of Ontario has a set of By-laws in place and is currently in the process of applying for Incorporation.

Our Mission Statement

Promote healing by listening and talking to others with mental health issues who understand. Together we are better, and kindness really does matter.

The Fear Nothing Board of Directors

Our dynamic board is comprised of four committed members:


Shawn Antoski, President and Founder


Howie Marshall, Vice-President


Cynthia Black, Secretary/Treasurer


Karen Clouter, Director

Our first community partner

Jim Sanders from PlugnPlay Land (centre), with Fear Nothing board members from left Cynthia Black, Howie Marshall, Shawn Antoski and Karen Clouter.


PlugnPlay Land
30 Bridge St. E., Belleville, ON

Donate your old laptop to Plugnplay Land and $25 will be donated to Fear Nothing with an acknowledgement of your donation in our newsletter and on our website. Thank you Jim for choosing Fear Nothing and being an integral part of Fear Nothing.

Fund Raising News

Hope Stream Bottles

A safe, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to water bottles is here. The Hope Stream 500 ml glass bottle is protected by a neoprene cover and will keep liquid hot and cold longer. The pour ring and cover are BPA free. The bottle is dishwasher safe and has a convenient shoulder strap for hands-free movement. $20 each with $10 to Fear Nothing on each sale. (Available in Brampton and Belleville)

Coming in mid November and just in time for Christmas

All natural handmade soap by Wylde Earth Soap for Fear Nothing. $5 per bar – lavender/mint and wintergreen/mint/sage. (Available in Belleville)

What do you do with your empty wine and beer bottle returns?

Why not consider donating it to Fear Nothing. All donations are greatly appreciated.

A big thank you to our supporters!

The Brotherhood of Bikers who hosted a show in July at A&W, Trenton with all proceeds to Fear Nothing – they raised $412.

Amy Marshall and Grace Fowler for their face painting skills at 2016 Chazzapalooza, Cobourg in August – they raised $28.80.

What some of our members have to say about Fear Nothing . . .

For me Fear Nothing has helped to take the loneliness out of feeling alone and to know that we all share a part of ourselves in this journey.” – Debbie L.

“Fear Nothing saved my life.” – Alison C.

“Fear Nothing keeps me on track and helps me control my depression. There is great camaraderie within the group.” – Cynthia B.

“The group is astonishing, offering support, unconditionally and without judgement. It thinks and works outside of the box.” – John L.

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Shawn Antoski Wants You to Fear Nothing http://www.fearnothingontario.ca/shawn-antoski-wants-you-to-fear-nothing/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=shawn-antoski-wants-you-to-fear-nothing Thu, 24 Mar 2016 14:24:17 +0000 http://fearnothing.getfoundnow.ca/?p=297 The post Shawn Antoski Wants You to Fear Nothing appeared first on Fear Nothing.


Shawn’s NHL, chronic pain and mental health journey was just featured in Psychology Today! 

“Nobody cared. And I just felt in that situation, abandoned. I think back to all my friends. Even those people like friends, 30, 35 years, they do not exist. It’s like I was contagious or something.”  

This article was written by Michael Friedman, Ph.D., and published on Psychology Today magazine on March 26, 2016.

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Discussing “the elephant in the room” http://www.fearnothingontario.ca/discussing-the-elephant-in-the-room/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=discussing-the-elephant-in-the-room Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:06:59 +0000 http://fearnothing.getfoundnow.ca/?p=289 The post Discussing “the elephant in the room” appeared first on Fear Nothing.


Shawn was happy to share his mental health journey and experiences at an event organized by Tammy Latchford last weekend. Shawn represented our support program, and helped to outline the complexity of mental health.

Depression can strike anywhere and anytime. Mental health issues can manifest themselves in many ways, affecting both men and women regardless of background. 

This article was written by Richard Turtle and featured on CaledonEnterprise.com on Feb. 13, 2015.

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