Welcome to the First Edition of the Fear Nothing Newsletter

Getting to Know Us

Did you know . . .

All our board members have struggled with mental health issues so we “get it!” and that is why Fear Nothing is important to us and helping those who struggle with mental health issues.

Fear Nothing Association of Ontario has a set of By-laws in place and is currently in the process of applying for Incorporation.

Our Mission Statement

Promote healing by listening and talking to others with mental health issues who understand. Together we are better, and kindness really does matter.

The Fear Nothing Board of Directors

Our dynamic board is comprised of four committed members:


Shawn Antoski, President and Founder


Howie Marshall, Vice-President


Cynthia Black, Secretary/Treasurer


Karen Clouter, Director

Our first community partner

Jim Sanders from PlugnPlay Land (centre), with Fear Nothing board members from left Cynthia Black, Howie Marshall, Shawn Antoski and Karen Clouter.


PlugnPlay Land
30 Bridge St. E., Belleville, ON

Donate your old laptop to Plugnplay Land and $25 will be donated to Fear Nothing with an acknowledgement of your donation in our newsletter and on our website. Thank you Jim for choosing Fear Nothing and being an integral part of Fear Nothing.

Fund Raising News

Hope Stream Bottles

A safe, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to water bottles is here. The Hope Stream 500 ml glass bottle is protected by a neoprene cover and will keep liquid hot and cold longer. The pour ring and cover are BPA free. The bottle is dishwasher safe and has a convenient shoulder strap for hands-free movement. $20 each with $10 to Fear Nothing on each sale. (Available in Brampton and Belleville)

Coming in mid November and just in time for Christmas

All natural handmade soap by Wylde Earth Soap for Fear Nothing. $5 per bar – lavender/mint and wintergreen/mint/sage. (Available in Belleville)

What do you do with your empty wine and beer bottle returns?

Why not consider donating it to Fear Nothing. All donations are greatly appreciated.

A big thank you to our supporters!

The Brotherhood of Bikers who hosted a show in July at A&W, Trenton with all proceeds to Fear Nothing – they raised $412.

Amy Marshall and Grace Fowler for their face painting skills at 2016 Chazzapalooza, Cobourg in August – they raised $28.80.

What some of our members have to say about Fear Nothing . . .

For me Fear Nothing has helped to take the loneliness out of feeling alone and to know that we all share a part of ourselves in this journey.” – Debbie L.

“Fear Nothing saved my life.” – Alison C.

“Fear Nothing keeps me on track and helps me control my depression. There is great camaraderie within the group.” – Cynthia B.

“The group is astonishing, offering support, unconditionally and without judgement. It thinks and works outside of the box.” – John L.